Wednesday, March 18, 2015

University of Oklahoma Besmirches Itself

Glenn Reynolds really takes OU to task in his latest USA Today column about its response to a racist fraternity video that made the news last weekend.  As Reynolds points out, the issue isn't the racist doings per se, but rather OU President David Boren's completely over-the-top reaction:

It has been a bad spell for the University of Oklahoma. First, some members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were videotaped singing a racist song on a bus, and a video went public. Then OU President David Boren kicked the fraternity off campus and summarily expelled two of the fraternity members.
You may think it's unfair for me to treat these two incidents as comparable, and if you do think that you're right: The difference is that David Boren broke the law, while the fraternity brothers merely behaved badly.
Unfortunately, this type of administrative overreach and subsequent violation of student's constitutional rights goes on all the time in our university system.  Reynolds notes this and other valuable points in his hard-hitting, very forceful op-ed.  This article is strongly recommended particularly if you're a college student or soon to be one.