Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Night Links

You think Bernie Madoff was a fraudster? Richard Rahn explains how the US Government is a world class fraudster.

In a similar vein, Duquesne University's Antony Davis, one of my favorite economic professors, and James P. Harrigan recently penned an excellent article showing the federal government's culpapbility in the ever-expanding student loan bubble.

I've written before that Camille Paglia is the quintessential -- and by that, I mean, legitimate, correct, right -- feminist (see here, and here).  Here's a fascinating 10 question interview that shows clearly what I mean.  This is a fascinating human being, and an OLS hero.

Bryan Caplan is an eclectic, brilliant, rising, young star in the Austrian/Public Choice branch of economic thought.  With a that tip to Don Boudreaux, here's a list of 40 things Caplan learned by the time he turned 40.  Believe me, lots of wisdom in this post!

[ht: instapundit.com]