Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday NIght at the Links

OLS heroine and true feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the subject of a superb piece by Craig Biddle of The Objective Standard.  Ali recently made a "clarion call" for reformation of Islam that included, among other items, these biggies:
1. Repudiate “Muhammad’s semi-divine status, along with the literalist reading of the Quran.”2. Deny “the supremacy of life after death.”3. Repudiate “Shariah, the vast body of religious legislation.”4. Reject “the right of individual Muslims to enforce Islamic law.”5. Reject “the imperative to wage jihad, or holy war.”
Click here to read the rest of Biddle's excellent analysis of Ali's powerful declaration.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is everywhere, even on board the recent tragic GermanWings flight.

When Kevin Williamson writes, people listen.  And Williamson says Ted Cruz can win.

Zo Nation explains why the Democrats are the party of racism and slavery.  And he's right.

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