Sunday, March 29, 2015

Think Kentucky is Unbeatable? Not in This Ranking!

The folks at Market Watch have compiled a ranking system of this year's 64 teams in the NCAA Tournament and guess what? Real hoops season champ and undefeated #1 seed Kentucky doesn't even make the Top 10! Why? This ranking is based on academic performance. Consequently the Wildcats come in at number 38. Here's the MW Top 10:

RankingSchoolAverage SAT score
1Harvard University2260
2Duke University2185
3University of Notre Dame2145
4Georgetown University2107
5Northeastern University2070
6University of Virginia2025
7Davidson College1995
8University of Maryland-College Park1965
9University of California-Los Angeles1950
10Villanova University1950
Click here to see the rest of the schools in the ranking. I'm proud to say that my ugrad alma mater, UMD, comes in a very respectable #8!  [ht: good friend of mine, Mark Coppola]