Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Techno Links for Wednesday Morning

Reminder: Due to illness, I am forced to modify my posting schedule ending, hopefully, by June 1st. Consequently, I am reducing the number of posts to two per day and will be relying on audio, video, and re-posts to a much greater extent than normal during this period.  Thank you for understanding and for continuing to visit – and recommending! -- On Liberty Street! Now on to the post:

Three really cool science and technology stories worthy of feature here at On Liberty Street. First, think farmers do a great job growing food productively? Well, here in the 21st century, they do, for the most part.  But with the advent of drone technology, food growing efficiency has the potential to ramp up massively.

Fascinating account of one Julia Greer, a Cal Tech materials scientists who has developed amazing nano-sized material structures whose real-world applications could be revolutionary.  In addition to the article, at this link there is also a cool video of one of the materials she's created responding to crushing pressure but bouncing back into shape.

Lastly, know what a "brain organoid" is? (Sounds like a word my 4-year old would make up!).  I didn't either until I read this cool MIT Review article and learned that they have the potential to stop dementia, among other things.