Sunday, March 15, 2015

(Related Update): Don't Fall for the "Net Neutrality" Scam Obama Wants to Unleash on America

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Related update:  Far be it for me to presume to update a NotPC link-fest, but I ran across an interesting article by Peter Suderman and wanted to attach it to the previous collection of links in the NotPC original post below. Here's an excerpt from Suderman's article that briefly identifies the practical mechanism by which the Federal Communications Commission has empowered itself to regulate the internet:
As The New York Times notes today, the FCC is “set to decide what is acceptable on a case-by-case basis. The regulations include a subjective catchall provision, requiring ‘just and reasonable’ conduct.”
What counts as ‘just and reasonable’ will, naturally, be up to the whims of the FCC.
In some ways, this is the worst part of the agency’s net neutrality push: It’s not even that it puts in place bad rules; it’s that it installs potentially strict but ultimately vague rules, and leaves the FCC as the final arbiter of what is and isn’t acceptable, with little to constrain its decisions. The FCC will have some guidelines, of course, but Wheeler’s book-length bureaucratic proposal will surely provide legal ammunition for whatever creative interpretation the agency settles on (or desires) at any given time.
Click here to read the rest of Suderman's informative article.

Original post 2/15/15: One of my favorite bloggers is Peter Cresswell.  Cresswell, who is the founder of the awesome blog NotPC, lives in New Zealand and when he gets his mental tentacles into a topic, he grabs on hard and delivers tremendous information for his readers.  His post yesterday morning is a perfect example -- he's been following the scary efforts of the liberals to control and regulate the internet via the deceptive and destructive policy of "net neutrality", and today he links to numerous important articles, commentary, and videos on the topic.  This is an area I've chosen not to cover thus far, but Cresswell's post is so good, I've decided to share it with my OLS readers. Here's the link to his post; and here's one of the cartoons he featured: