Thursday, March 5, 2015

(Re-Post Plus 1) Quiz Time!

Re-post update: Q5 below is new!

Original post 3/20/14:  See how many of the questions below you can answer correctly:

1.   This city has increasingly been referred to as "France's sixth largest city".

2.  T/F: Americans drink more than 2X the amount of coffee today than they did in 1945.

3.  In 1965, the average weight of a running back in the National Football League was 217 lbs.  Can you guess, within 5 pounds, what the average weight of a NFL running back is now?

4.   T/F: 2013 was the third year in a row that tornado activity in the United States was at or near record high levels.

5.  On this day in 1791 (March 4th), ____________ became the 14th state of America and, in so doing, became the first territory outside the Original 13, to be granted statehood.  [Hint: it's one of the most socialist-friendly states in the US currently]

[ht: Carpe Diem]