Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prosecutorial Immunity is a Major Problem in Our Legal System

Basically, prosecutors can lie, deceive, and manipulate virtually without discretion in the United States.  Why? Because they're protected by a policy known as prosecutoral immunity.  And this important topic is the subject of University Tennessee Law Professor and blogger extradonaire, Glenn Reynolds's latest column for the USA Today.  Here's Reynolds:

Worse yet, prosecutors are also immune from civil suit, under a Supreme Court-created doctrine called "absolute immunity" that is one of the greatest, though least discussed, examples of judicial activism in history. So prosecutors won't punish prosecutors, and victims of prosecutors' wrongdoing can't even sue them for damages.
That leaves courts without much else to do besides throwing out charges in cases of outrageous misconduct. But if we care about seeing the law enforced fairly and honestly, we need more accountability