Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Instapundit: GOP Should Attack Big Business, Hollywood

My favorite blogger is Glenn Reynolds, he of fame. In addition to running one of the most important and influential blogs on the web, he's also a full-time law professor at the U of Tennessee and writes a weekly column for the USA Today.  To paraphrase an old TV commercial, when he writes, people listen.  And this week he provides a strategy for the Republicans to make large gains in 2016 -- attack the massive cronyism element that drives the Democratic party and, along the way, bang on leftest Hollywood and the entertainment industries.  Here's his opening:

The Republicans have a real opportunity to connect with voters and win big in 2016. But to do so, they'll have to get over their traditional love for Big Business. Will they be smart enough to do that? The prospects don't look especially bright.
But the fact is that many big businesses are unpopular with the public, aligned with the Democrats, and wide open for attack. And after eight years of the Obama administration's naked cronyism and support of Wall Street even as the middle class has suffered, the opportunities are there.
One of the most appealing targets would be the tech industry's wage-suppressing hiring habits. Not only have tech giants like Apple and Google engaged in what a federal court called an "overarching conspiracy" to prevent wage competition, but Silicon Valley firms also abuse H-1B visas to bring in immigrant competition at lower wages, a practice that's now spreading to other industries. (In Los Angeles, Southern California Edison is firing workers and replacing them with immigrants now).
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