Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You're Damn Right They Should!

That's my response to a recent Commentary article by John Steele Gordon entitled "Republicans Should Declare War on the Mainstream Media".  Although relatively short, this is an info-packed article that you should definitely read if the MSM and it's liberal bias gets your blood boiling like it does mine.  Here's an interesting excerpt that will pique your interest:
Why is it up to Boehner to bend instead of the Democrats doing so? The answer is simple. As Jonah Goldberg tweeted, “So when GOP holds up things in Dem-run Senate, GOP is to blame. When Dems hold things up in GOP-run Senate, GOP is to blame. I see a trend.” Even Chris Wallace—the fairest and best of the Sunday morning talk show hosts—thinks that when push comes to shove on Capitol Hill, it is the Republicans who must yield, even when they hold majorities in both houses as they do now. Why? Because that is the way the mainstream media will always play the story.
Click here to read the rest of this most worthwhile essay.