Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend LInks's John Nolte explains that McCarthyism is perfectly acceptable if you're a member of the liberal media.

FoxNews's left-leaning Juan Williams recently penned an excellent, brief WSJ essay on the most libertarian Supreme Court Justice (and OLS Mega Hero), Clarence Thomas.  Kudos to Williams for his even-handed, even sympathetic, treatment of Thomas.  And kudos to Thomas for being Thomas.

Occupational licensing is just another form of cronyism, albeit more subtle and less known to the general public.  But a recent study has directed attention on its pernicious effects, showing how it drives up prices while failing to deliver better service.

Ron Paul believes, and I agree, that the future of the US is one of secession.  In an interesting talk at the Mises Institute, Paul persuasively lays out his vision: