Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend Links

Reminder: Due to illness, I am forced to modify my posting schedule for the next 3 - 4 months (ending, hopefully, by June 1st). Consequently, I am reducing the number of posts to two per day and will be relying on audio, video, and re-posts to a much greater extent than normal during this period.  Thank you for understanding and for continuing to visit – and recommending! -- On Liberty Street!

Let's start this version of weekend links with two excellent entries from The Beacon:

First, the indispensable Robert Higgs laments the massive growth of the debt our government has created over the course of his intellectual career.

Second, Aaron Tao provides a much-needed encomium on the late, truly great, Julian Simon. Simon was a sterling example of what he meant when he argued that the greatest resource in the world is unlimited and human: the power, rationality, and creativity of the human mind.

The next two posts concern Obama and his absolutely evil inability to face the ISIS threat:

First, Charles Krauthammer is afraid of no man and pulls no punches when he declares on FoxNews that ISIS is a "genocidal movement akin to Nazism".  And he's damn skippy right.

Second, and focusing more on Irag though definitely related to the ISIS issue, this link to a recent post at Instapundit contains several excellent links as well as Glenn Reynolds's insightful and pithy commentary.  Make sure to check out the embedded video as well; it's terrific.