Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekend LInks

Special Announcement: Due to illness, I am forced to modify my posting schedule for at least the period from Feb. 2nd until Feb. 15th, and possibly for a longer period (details will be provided if/when they become necessary).  Consequently, I am reducing the number of my posts to two per day and will be relying on audio, video, and re-posts to a much greater extent than normal during this period.  Thank you for understanding and for continuing to visit On Liberty Street!

The environmentalism movement is not about the environment.  Never has been.  It's about collectivism. Period.

The minimum wage concept is not about helping the poorest among us. Never has been. It's about elitist-driven racism. Period.

On a positive note: In growing numbers, state legislatures are fighting back against the massive onslaught of federal regulations Obama has unleashed during his lame-duck, second term.

Reflecting on the Brian Williams debacle, the Diplomad 2.0 pulls no punches in this delightful bashing of the Progressives and their need to lie.