Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Night Links

Reminder: Due to illness, I am forced to modify my posting schedule ending, hopefully, by June 1st. Consequently, I am reducing the number of posts to two per day and will be relying on audio, video, and re-posts to a much greater extent than normal during this period.  Thank you for understanding and for continuing to visit – and recommending! -- On Liberty Street!

This Tuesday's links involve the recent brouhaha opened up when Rudy Giuliani raised the entirely legitimate question of whether Obama actually loves America.  Aside from the direct question, there's a lot going on in this topic -- terrorism, media bias, foreign policy, politics, Obama's omnipresent lying --, so my guess is that Giuliani's comments will be fueling both the news cycle and the political analysis rounds for the next several weeks or more.  Anyway, here you go:

First, Jay Caruso points out that when you attack Obama, you're attacking the mainstream media. And the MSM don't like it!

Second, PJ Media's Ed Driscoll shows how Giuliani's comments caused liberal commentator and Obama sycophant Mark Halperin to basically meltdown.

Third, the incomparable Mark Steyn wants to know what Obama would do differently if he "were working for the other side?".  Great question.

And finally, Kevin Williamson explains that Obama not only doesn't love America, he doesn't even like America.  Williamson on a roll.