Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Night LInks

Writing for the Mises Institute, Ryan McMaken gives us several ways that free markets help the poor.  Good article.

Though belated on my part, here's an interesting article: a Valentine's Day inspired Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute says the US needs to break off relationships with many of its current "allies".

The Independent Women's Forum's Julie Gunlock has some choice words for the federal government in the wake of their recent reversal of their 40-year stance on cholesteral.  Here's a sample:
Well that’s wonderful and I’m glad all the leading nutritionists in the room agree that this is a good and appropriate move but perhaps it’s time we all started to reassess the value of having the government involved in nutrition recommendations in the first place. After all, shouldn’t we be at least a little concerned that these WRONG recommendations stood for over 40 years; essentially providing Americans the incorrect, one-size-fits-all information about their diets?
In the wake of four-term Oregon governor John Kitzhaber resignation due to a massive enviro-related scandal, Noah Rothman of Hot Air suggests that the Dems "green energy dream is turning into a nightmare".