Monday, February 23, 2015

(Related update 2): Bitcoin Links

Related update 2:  So now I'm on a Bitcoin update rampage apparently! Of course, Learn Liberty's recent release of a series of short, entertaining, and educational videos certainly makes updating easier!  Here's their latest release:

Related update 2/19/15: I confess to having lapsed in my coverage of the Bitcoin phenomena (indeed, my last post on this topic was nearly a year ago!)  So as an effort to redirect attention towards this potentially game-changing monetary instrument, I offer this recent Learn Liberty video that will help refine your knowledge of Bitcoin:

Original post 3/18/14: I'm sort of following the bitcoin phenomena here at OLS and with that in mind, here are three links to stories involving the alternative currency that made news this past week:

First, the suicide of a major player in the bitcoin universe, Autumn Ratke, CEO of bitcoin exchange First Meta.

Second, bitcoin insiders are plugging up remaining security holes via the Tor anonymity network.

Third, a story about a car chase in LA and the "father of bitcoin"?