Thursday, February 26, 2015

(Re-Post) Time for the Thursday Night OLS Quiz!

Reminder: Due to illness, I am forced to modify my posting schedule ending, hopefully, by June 1st. Consequently, I am reducing the number of posts to two per day and will be relying on audio, video, and re-posts to a much greater extent than normal during this period.  Thank you for understanding and for continuing to visit – and recommending! -- On Liberty Street!

How many of the following questions can you get right?

1.  T/F:  2013 had the most hurricanes in the US since 1982.

2.  T/F: The country was more racially polarized under George W. Bush than it currently is under Obama.

3.  T/F:  A large body of research indicates that the US is suffering from a large shortage of science and engineering degree holders, so much so that for every college grad with a SE degree, there are almost two jobs available.

4.   Can you name the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world?