Friday, February 27, 2015

(Re-Post 3): Obama: Worst President Ever?

Re-post 3:  The latest examples of Obama's disdain for the Constitution he swore (twice) to uphold were the talk of the news media yesterday.  Apparently, Obama has decided, unconstitutionally of course, to direct his Executive Privilege power towards the internet and towards gun advocates. Specifically, his Federal Communications Commission is going to, in effect, regulate the internet, and his bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is going to engage in defacto gun control by making a popular rifle and its ammo illegal.  So, in light of these two latest examples of why he is the worst president this country has ever had, I offer you this re-post.  Again, if you haven't watched David Mayer in the videos below, carve out the time necessary to do so, and then do so.

Re-post 2 (11/23/14):  Piggy-backing off of yesterday's post on Obama's colossal hypocrisy, and in light of his blatantly unconstitutional executive action on immigration, I thought it wise to re-post this tremendous two-part presentation by constitutional expert and law professor David Mayer. Find the time and commit to watching both parts of his talk; you will be much the better person for having done so.

Re-post (9/28/14):  There's been a lot of commentary in the blogosphere about how Eric Holder was the worst, most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the United States.  Given how corrupt most politicians are in general, and AG's in particular, that's no mean accomplishment! Anyway, Holder's resignation inspired me to  resurrect one of the very first OLS posts on the competency and (im)morality of Holder's boss, Barak Obama.  As it turns out, it's also one of my favorite blogposts.

Original post (1/20/13):  Obama officially starts his second term as President today with a private swearing-in at the White House around noon (The public fiasco known as the Inauguration Ceremony is tomorrow).  So I thought it a fitting time to present two works from one of my favorite legal scholars, Professor David Mayer, each of which examines the nature of the Presidency.  Embedded below is part 1 of a presentation Mayer made this past summer on the role of the Presidency in the American governmental structure.  Mayer, an expert in American constitutional history who is also a superb speaker with a terrific voice and a captivating delivery, discusses the Founders' conception of the role of the President.  In part 2 (here), he examines how US Presidents -- starting primarily with Teddy Roosevelt and culminating with Obama -- have expanded and abused the power of their office.

The second offering from Mayer is his 2012 ranking of US Presidents.  Since Mayer is a staunch supporter of Jeffersonian constitutionalism, it's not surprising that he has almost nothing positive to say about Obama.  A bit of a warning: On his blog, Mayer is considerably more informal and expressive of his views than he is in his public presentations...personally, I find his candidness refreshing.