Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Night is Quiz Time at OLS!

As always, follow the hyperlink in the question stem to find the answer to each question below.

I.  The World Health Organization (WHO) measures air pollution in major cities across the world. In its most recent report, 33% of United State cities measured reported levels higher than WHO's acceptable level.  In Europe the number of cities higher than the accepted levels was
a. 3%
b. 13%
c.  53%
d.  73%
e.  93%
[note: read 3rd and 4th paragraphs in article to get correct answer]

II.  T/F Recent research published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology found that, contrary to expectations, police officers were more reluctant to shoot white suspects than black suspects.

III.  In the recent midterm elections, 183 special interest groups each spent at least $100,000 on campaign expenditures. Of the 183, consider the top 10 largest donors.  How many of them primarily supported Republican candidates?
a.  10
b.  7
c.  5
d.  2
e.  0
[note: answer is the last sentence in the 4th paragraph at the link]

IV.  Two hundred twenty five years ago today (January 8, 1790), George Washington stood before Congress and delivered the very first of these speeches.  They are now known as the _________. [

[ht: drudgereport; instapundit]