Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday NIght is Quiz Night at On Liberty Street

As always, click the highlighted link in the question stem to find the answer to each question.  Good luck!

I.  Since 2007, the US economy has added a net of about 1.2 million jobs.  During this same time period, the state of Texas has added a net of approximately __________ jobs.
a.  200,000
b.  375,000
c.  555,000
d.  705,000
e.  1,440,000

II.  There are 128 Division 1 college football teams in the NCAA.  How many Division 1 men's college basketball teams are there?  [Consider your answer correct if you get within 20 of the correct total]

III.  T/F The results of a recent Ipsos/Reuters poll found that a majority of respondents believe that Hollywood is both racist and sexist when it comes to Academy Award nominations.

IV.  On this day in 1886, ________________ patented the first gasoline-powered automobile. [Hints: a) you'll recognize his last name; b) it was not Henry Ford]