Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Post Brought to You by Nanotechnology

Technically (pun intended), the post is about nanotechnology; two stories about nano, actually.  The first reports on promising developments in the use of nanotechnology in the fight against cancer:
A study led by National University of Singapore researchers on cancer treatment has yielded promising results that could mean a more effective way of treating the disease via nanotechnology, with fewer side effects.
Still in its early stages, with clinical trials on people two years away, the study’s findings show that when the widely-used but toxic chemotherapy drug Epirubicin is attached to nanodiamonds, chemo-resistant cancer cells are less able to pump the drug out of the cell, allowing a reservoir of the medication to form and kill more cells. This results in a smaller chance of tumours forming again following standard chemotherapy.
The second article is a bit more abstract and little less accessible, but it's fascinating and worth a look. The primary idea discussed is APM -- atomically precise manufacturing -- and it's examined in the context of both medical applications and the possibility of creating elements, say diamonds, by re-arranging atoms from other elements. Click here to read it.