Thursday, January 22, 2015

Socialized Medicine in the UK Failing? No Way...

Except way, of course.  The British publication the Daily Mail ran an article a few days ago highlighting the warnings of a top UK health official that its vaunted socialized health care system is in dire danger of collapsing, spelling the end of free health care for all in England. Here's the opening portion of the article:
The NHS is ‘not fit for the future’ and unless it undergoes radical change it may be forced to abandon free healthcare for all, in the future, the service's top doctor has warned.
Medical director of NHS England Professor Sir Bruce Keogh said the NHS must become far less reliant on hospitals and needed a ‘complete transformation’ of the way it operates.

Sir Bruce told the Guardian: ‘If the NHS continues to function as it does now, it’s going to really struggle to cope because the model of delivery and service that we have at the moment is not fit for the future.’
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