Saturday, January 17, 2015

OLS Saturday AM Car Show: "Beam Me Up, Scotty"!

This weekend's car is not a car; rather, it's a motorcycle.  But not just any old motorcycle -- this one was inspired by William Shatner, and it's super cool! 

It's called the Rivet One, and Shatner's association with it is more than just inspiration for its design -- he plans on riding it from Chicago to LA, a fairly impressive goal for an 83-year old man.  Here's more from a recent Fox News article:
Star of the stage and screen William Shatner has traversed the U.S. many times, and in many forms, but he’s never done so on a motorcycle. Now, the 83 year-old actor wants to tick that off his list, but Shatner isn’t going to do things Easy Rider-style, he plans to do so in his own custom motorcycle… sort of.
According to an interview in Motor Trend, a staff member from American Wrench custom motorcycle shop met the Canadian film and television actor at an autograph signing, suggesting to him that his crew build a custom bike for him, to which Shatner took him up on.