Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Hope this Starts a National Trend!

Now here's something you don't see very often: a government agency deciding to eliminate itself with the express purpose of cater to consumer's preferences! It's a true testimony to the powerful competitive effects of a successful entrepreneur, in this case, Uber.  From a news story at

PORTSMOUTH - In response to Uber ride-sharing drivers now working in the city, the Taxi Commission on Wednesday recommended the elimination of taxi medallions, regulation of taxi fares, city taxi inspections and the Taxi Commission itself. 
The commission voted unanimously to send a memo to the City Council outlining its recommendations to lift many regulations currently imposed on drivers-for-hire. The council will be asked to instruct City Attorney Robert Sullivan to rewrite the city's taxi ordinance...

This is a good example of the well-established economic fact that technology-driven entrepreneurial enterprises typically move faster than central planning agencies are capable of reacting.  It's one of the reasons progressives try to reign in technological entrepreneurship behind the scenes while publicly claiming support for it -- think how the media portray Obama as tech-savvy and tech-friendly even as his administration pushes for controls on the internet. [ht: instapundit]