Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'd Add the Word "Hypocritical"... the title of a recent American Thinker article by Derrick Wilburn.  In "The Rich Liberals of Academe" Wilburn hammers the liberal elites in academia; here's a representative excerpt:
Beyond just being intellectual hypocrites wholly intolerant of thoughts or voices other than their own, there’s something else college campus elites are: rich. Average total compensation for professors at elite schools is around a quarter million dollars a year, but that is just the starting point. Books (it helps to assign your own textbook to students), outside lectures, and consulting fees not uncommonly double professorial salaries. Consider MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, whose consulting fees on Obamacare totaled into millions of dollars.
A drive through faculty parking lots at any major university in America is like taking a tour of luxury automotive dealerships. Lincolns, Jaguars, BMWs Mercedes Benzes and Range Rovers dot such parking lots. There are few 1997 Fords to be found. Yet these hypocritical liberal elitists pen articles and books about income inequality and the “unfairness” of the American capitalist system. Articles which they then circulate amongst themselves, read, and write congratulatory reviews which amount to little more than back-slaps to one other as they laud their own ever-increasing levels of enlightenment.
Let me tell you, he's spot on in his analysis in the second paragraph above.  And it doesn't stop there -- Wilburn is very perceptive and very aggressive in this article; needless to say, I loved it. [ht: newsalert]