Sunday, January 11, 2015

Go to the Bathroom and Make Fresh Water for Poor Countries

The Bill and Melinda tha Gates Foundation is at its best when it focuses on solving real problems and not wasting energy and resources on contrived issues like "man-made" global warming.  A great case in point is their development of a process that converts human waste water into fresh, drinkable water as well as soil fertilizer.  The process is called the OmniProcessor and, according to this Popular Mechanics article,
...can work through 14 tons of waste per day, using various filtration and boiling methods to extract the clean water. Essentially, the sewage is pushed into an incinerator, which refines it into a sort of sludge. The water is then evaporated from this sludge, and the leftover materials (mostly phosphorus and potassium) can be used as fertilizers for soil. The water vapors condense into water which is filtered into potable drinking water. Meanwhile, OmniProcessor also functions as a steam-powered power plant, which both powers the plant and can be returned to the grid to provide a source of electricity. 
The initial target market for this development is third world countries.  There's an excellent short video at the link above where, in addition to learning more about this exciting product, you can watch Gates display the safety of the process by drinking a glass of OmniProcessor water. Kudos to the BMGF and the Janicki BioEnergy Company! [ht:]