Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Do the Ferguson Riots, the Occupy and Tea Party Movements, and Edward Snowden Have in Common?

A: The belief that the government has grown to big and powerful and is violating the rights and properties of US Citizens.  But as Randall Holcombe explains in this insightful, though brief, post at The Beacon, the major players in each of these anti-government "movements" emphasize different aspects of government intervention and also have different solutions to the problem:
The common element in all four of these movements is that they object to the scope and power of government, and the way government power is arbitrarily used for the benefit of the elite and to the detriment of the masses. Currently, these anti-government movements are separate entities, and the main players in each have not appeared to recognize the objections they share in common to the scope and power of government.
Indeed, despite their objections to the abuse of government power, many members of some of these movements often favor enlarging government, even as they object to the way the government uses the power it currently has.
This is an interesting and valuable observation by Holcombe, one that is too seldom noted.