Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Links

New research shows, once again, that minimum wage laws cause unemployment.

Another anti-capitalist myth: "The government must subsidize the arts".  Utter nonsense.

5 potential reasons why the US birthrate has declined steadily in recent years.  Most of these are silly, and the article fails to mention an obvious reason: collectivism kills the present and the future. Communist/socialist countries have always had problems keeping the birthrate high and keeping their citizens from trying to leave their countries.  And there is no debating the growth of collectivism in the US over the last hundred years or so. Of course, The Guardian is a British news outlet very much concerned with guarding all things collectivist, so it's really no surprise this factor is not listed in its article.

I just learned of this website sponsered by the Cato Institute. Looks very interesting!