Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Time at OLS!

I.  T/F  According to a recent Pew Research study, a majority of Americans suffer from "information overload" because of the increasing prevalence of internet news outlets and, as a result, actually feel less informed about national news issues.

II. T/F The most recent Bloomberg Political poll indicates that Republicans are enjoying their highest level of popularity in the last 5 years, while Obama's approval ratings are at their lowest ever.

III.  China's current per capita GDP (economic output per person) is about $12,500/year.  In terms of the United States past economic history, the US reached the same level of per capita GDP in _____________.
a.  1940
b.  1955
c.  1970
d.  1985
e.  2000

IV.  Just 6 years ago today, _____________ was arrested and charged with securities fraud  for running a $50 billion ponzi scheme.

[ht:; Carpe Diem blog]