Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Night at OLS!

Please click the hyperlink to find the answers to the following questions.

I.  In the US in 2010, the top 400 taxpayers earned about $106 billion in income, and paid 19.1 billion in federal income taxes.  That same year, the bottom 50% of taxpayers in the US earned about $944 billion in income -- 9x what the top 400 earned -- and paid about $_________ billion in federal income taxes.
a.  382
b.  193
c.  95
d.  48
e.  22

II.  In 2013, as a percentage of their total consumer expenditures, the citizens of which country below spent the least on food and beverages consumed at home?
a.  United States
b.  Norway
c.  Sweden
d.  Germany
e.  South Korea
[note: make sure to scroll down to #10 of the post at the link above to find answer]

III.  T/F In a recent Rasmussen poll, 90% of respondents believe that race relations in the United States have stayed the same or gotten worse during Obama's tenure as President.

IV.  101 years ago this week (December 1, 1913), the world's first moving assembly line went into operation.  Who was the brains behind this enormous technological development?
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