Monday, December 22, 2014

The State of American Feminism

This post makes a nice companion piece with the previous OLS post about Hilary.  In fact, it'd be on my list.  In any event, I was both surprised and fascinated by a recent LA Times article by Charlotte Allen that listed the "Top 10 feminist fiascoes of 2014" .  Surprised because the LA Times is a major liberal outlet, and fascinated because Allen's article is a no-holds barred blast at feminism in this country.  Consider this item from her list:
Rotherham: Now there was a real rape culture: nearly two decades of sexual assault, exploitation, and trafficking of teenage girls, mostly by British-Pakistani men, that had been covered up by British authorities for fear of stirring up anti-Islamic sentiment. The response of U.S. feminists was mostly crickets chirping. Why? Perhaps because the perpetrators weren’t the white middle-class men who are feminists’ preferred villains.
That last line (emphasis mine) is brutally spot-on, though I'd probably add the word "American". Click the link above to read the other nine in Allen's list.  Great article, maybe a top 10 of 2014! [ht:]