Monday, December 22, 2014

Remember this Come November 2016

Much of the driving force behind the recent rise in the "war on women" narrative is, as Instapundit guru Glenn Reynolds calls it, "battlespace preparation" for Hilary's assumed run in 2016.  The libs want to mimic Obama's use of the race card by creating and promoting the sexism card for Clinton. So, from this perspctive, the current "rape culture" meme represents groundwork for her campaign. But as this Daily Caller article reminds us, she has a major incident in her past that could prove invaluable for the GOP once she's formally in the mix:
That is, if we’re to believe there’s even such a thing as “rape culture.” And we must believe that, or else feminists will call us “rape apologists” or “rape deniers.” We certainly don’t want that, do we?
So, then: We live in a rape culture. And just in case you’ve forgotten, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president in 2016 has aided and abetted that rape culture.
You'll need to follow the link above to see the specifics about the incident.  There's also a short video you'll find interesting.