Monday, December 29, 2014

(Related update): If Obamacare Can't Work in Vermont...

Related update: In a recent article at Bloomberg, Megan McCardle opines on the Vermont action discussed below, and has much of value to say, including this:
This holds a lesson for all the folks who hoped or feared that Obamacare was a stalking horse for single payer. It's not. First, because if you try to take away the current system from the vast majority of folks who had health insurance they liked before the Affordable Care Act was passed, your voter base will get hopping mad enough to enter low-earth orbit. And second of all, even if you're willing to brook their rage over the loss of their health insurance, combining that with a whopping great tax hike on the middle class is a recipe for political suicide.

Original post 12/19/14: A state that so completely believes in central planning collectivism that it not only adopted Obamacare wholeheartedly, it took the next step.  And failed.  From a tremendously educational article from National Review Online:
The one state that not only embraced Obamacare but insisted on going beyond it to a full single-payer system was Vermont, the haven of hippies and expatriate New Yorkers, which has become one of the most liberal states in the nation. In 2011, it adopted a form of neighboring Canada’s government-financed health care and promised to implement it by 2017. (And Jonathan Gruber was a key architect of this plan as well as of Obamacare.) This week, however, Governor Peter Shumlin, a Democrat, admitted the state couldn’t afford the plan’s $2 billion price tag and consequent sky-high taxes, and pulled the plug. The lessons for Obamacare are obvious and profound.
There is a lot to this article that you most likely knew nothing about (at least, that was the case for me) but probably should.  I found it very valuable and a solid piece of good news for the good guys!