Saturday, December 6, 2014

OLS Saturday Morning Car Show: Aston. Aston Martin.

As in Bond. James Bond.  Looks as if AM has created a brand new model just for the upcoming Bond movie, Spectre.  From a Fox News article:
A new James Bond movie is coming next year, and with it a brand new Aston Martin developed exclusively for the world’s most famous spy, the Aston Martin DB10. We’re not talking a regular production model but a special, limited run of 10 cars that will be used for filming of the new Bond flick, which will be called the Spectre.
There's also a short video in the Fox article looking at a different Aston Martin.  And now for the photos:


This is definitely a beautiful, cool car, but for my money, I prefer the older Astons, such as the one in the Bond flick, Skyfall.  Click here to see more on that beauty.