Saturday, December 20, 2014

OLS Saturday AM Car Show: Of Wedge Cars and Ground Beetles

Popular Mechanics recently ran a feature on "wedge" sports cars from the 70s and 80s.  Inspired, I did a little research and decided to make wedge cars the topic of this week's car show.  So how does "ground beetles" fit in? Well, the inspiration for all subsequent wedge cars was an Alfa Romeo concept car from 1968.  The photo below pretty much explains the wedge concept:

The car's name: The Alpa Romeo 33 Carabo.  And Carabo is a derived word meaning "ground beetle".  The wedge shape dominated sports car aesthetics during the 70s and 80s (the Triumph TR7 was an early, popular favorite of mine) with, perhaps, the quintessential example being the Lamborghini Countach. As these photos of a 1974 version show, the Countach was heavily influenced by the Carabo:


Finally, a shot featuring the famous "scissor doors" that first appeared on the Carabo: