Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Presumption of Innocence in the Liberal Worldview

In a terrific article at Red State, John Hayward details the many ways in which liberal ideology is based on the presumption that all non-liberals are guilty of crimes against non-whites.  Here's an important excerpt that should motivate you to read the rest of this highly recommended essay:
What all of these stories, and so many others, have in common is the assumption of bad faith by liberals, who claim they can read the minds of everyone from dinner-party guests to society at large and detect the dark secret impulses seething beneath every word and deed.  The worst bad motives are assumed for every action, including something as harmless as a short woman asking a taller department-store patron to grab a box of detergent off the top shelf for her.  If events that cannot be construed as social-justice crimes are not ready to hand, the liberal will simply invent them, transforming lies into Deeper Truth with the magical power of leftist ideology.  We’re even presumed guilty of crimes no one actually committed, most notably the horrible “anti-Muslim backlash” that never actually happens after Muslim terrorists commit atrocities.
Haywood recounts several recent examples of bogus liberal accounts of racism -- including the absurd story involving Michele Obama as the "taller department-store patron" of the excerpt above -- and shows how, from the liberal perspective, it doesn't matter that they never occurred.