Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to Debunk a Great Example of Liberal Hollywood Bias

Clint Eastwood's new movie "American Sniper" is drawing rave reviews from conservative circles and, predictably, harsh reviews from liberal critics.  One in particular, by Max Blumenthal, was especially shameful since Blumenthal reviewed, and hammered, the movie without even viewing it. And for that, Noah Rothman at Hot Air hammers him in turn:
The complexities of biography often elude filmmakers who are charged with creating dense and intricate portraits of a human being in 120 minutes. Nevertheless, the movie is quite enjoyable. The performances are stirring and the wartime themes, difficult as they are, are confronted tastefully.
Having seen the film, I feel qualified to write about it. That was not an obstacle for author and AlterNet Senior Writer Max Blumenthal who determined that it was a bright course of action to sharply criticize a film he had admittedly not seen simply because he detests its subject.

Rothman goes into much detail in his attack on Blumenthal, and does so in a thoughtful, even-handed manner.  It's definitely worth a read.