Monday, December 1, 2014

Graphite stronger than steel?

In it's graphene form, absolutely.  Popular Mechanics has an article out detailing recent experimental results showing just how amazing graphene really is.  Here's an excerpt:
Single layers of carbon just one atom thick can be stronger than steel when it comes to absorbing impacts, suggesting it could help make extraordinary armor, researchers say. 
The graphite making up pencil lead is made of atom-thick sheets known as graphene. This material is the strongest known yet, and is also flexible, transparent, and electrically and thermally conductive, qualities that have led scientists worldwide to investigate whether graphene could find use in advanced circuitry and other devices. 
There is much more of interest in the article (available here) including several photographs and a short video displaying the amazing properties of this new substance.  This could absolutely revolutionize military combat as well as police activities. [ht: Glenn Reynolds]