Monday, November 10, 2014

What to Do, GOP...What to Do...

Glenn Reynolds has the answer to the question of what the Republicans should do now that they control both arms of the Senate.  In fact, in his most recent USA Today column, Reynolds lists six bills the GOP should get passed and sent to Obama for his approval, each of which is either likely to get his signature, or force a very unpopular veto.  Here is my favorite of the six:
End public-sector employee unions. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker eliminated dues-withholding for public employee unions in his state. The unions were so angry that they organized a recall campaign against him. They lost. They then tried to recall a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice who upheld his action. They lost. They then tried to beat Walker in last week's election. They lost again.
President Franklin Roosevelt opposed public employee unions because he thought that people whose salaries came from the taxpayers shouldn't have the right tocollectively bargain against citizens whose taxes were being collected by force, and that collective bargaining by public employees was a conflict of interest. He was right. Obama would veto this, but his veto would be highly unpopular and set up an issue for 2016.
Personally, I don't think the old-school Repubs (read Boehner, Christie, McCain, Romney, McConnell, etc.) have the guts or the desire to attack public-sector unions.  However, I do think Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul do.  Perhaps someone will bring Reynolds's article to their attention!