Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday NIght is Quiz Time!

As always, click the highlighted link to access the answers to the questions below.

I.  T/F  On Tuesday of this week, for the first time since Reconstruction, (mid/late 1860s to late 1870s) a black candidate from the South was elected to the US Senate.  He ran as a Republican.

II.  Based on a recent Rasmussen survey, having which of the following "super powers" was most frequently chosen by US respondents (with 24%)?
a.  ability to run super fast
b.  ability to fly
c.  immortality
d.  super strength
e.  ability to see into the future

III.  Four hundred nine years ago yesterday (Nov. 5, 1605) the "Gunpowder Plot" was foiled when ____________ was arrested after being caught red-handed trying to blow up Westminster Palace.

IV.  According to a recent Rasmussen survey, ________% of respondents in the US said that health workers visiting Africa to fight ebola, upon return to the USA, should be quarantined for up to 21 days.
a.  40
b.  50
c.  60
d.  70
e.  80