Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Night at OLS!

As always, click the active link in the question stem to access the correct answer.

I.   According to a recent survey by the Legatum Institute, American's perceptions of their personal freedoms have been declining steadily under the Obama Administration.  Which of the following countries was not ranked ahead of the US in personal freedom as of 2013?
a.  Uruguay
b.  Ireland
c.  Costa Rica
d.  Malta
e.  Spain

II.  When controlling for inflation, the cost of a thanksgiving dinner for 10 is ___________ than it was in 1986.
a.  21% more expensive
b.  32% more expensive
c.  1.6% more expensive
d.  2.1% less expensive
e.  21% less expensive

III.  According to a recent Pew Research poll, in the year 2000, 29% of American workers between the age of 16 - 24 reported they did not want to work at all.  In its poll of last month, the figure had _____________.
a.  dropped to 19%
b.  dropped to 25%
c.  stayed the same at 29%
d.  rose to 35%
e.  rose to 39%

Ninety years ago today (November 27th, 1924), this iconic annual NYC event first commenced. What is it?