Saturday, November 8, 2014

IBM Tries On a New Pair of Boots

One of the on-going casualties of the rise of super tech firms like Apple and Google is IBM.  But as this article from MIT Technology Review reports, Big Blue is not sitting around wondering what happened to their technology dominance of the past.  The key to their hopes for the future: cognitive computing. Here's an excerpt from the excellent article:

As cheap cloud computing services erode IBM’s traditional hardware business with alarming speed, the company finds itself facing an uncertain future. If only there were some clever machine it could turn to for advice.
Appropriately enough that’s what a large part of IBM’s research division is trying to create, by building on the research effort that led to Watson, the computer that won in the game show Jeopardy! in 2011. The hope is that this effort will lead to software and hardware that can answer complex questions by looking through vast amounts of information containing subtle and disparate clues.
“We’re betting billons of dollars, and a third of this division now is working on it,”John Kelly, director of IBM Research, said of cognitive computing, a term the company uses to refer to artificial intelligence techniques related to Watson.
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