Monday, November 17, 2014

Are Americans Becoming Less Tolerant of Government?'s Nick Gillespie argues in a recent Daily Beast piece that Americans are starting to see the corruption and incompetence inherent in big government and are becoming less tolerant as a result.  Although I'm not overly convinced by his argument (Gillespie tends towards wishful thinking, occasionally), I do believe he makes some interesting points.  The MLK "suicide note" is a chilling story, and I do think Gillespie is right that it is very relevant in our current political environment.  In this passage, Gillespie ties this despicable act to current events:
Though it was sent 50 long years ago, the FBI’s so-called suicide letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. is very much of a piece with today’s America, where fear of and anger toward the government casts a shadow over everything from web-surfing to starting a business. Historian Beverly Gage and The New York Times have just published an unredacted version of the anonymous November, 1964 letter almost certainly sent by the FBI to Martin Luther King, Jr. a few weeks before the civil rights leader was set to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.
For more provocative analysis and insight, click here.  [ht: instapundit]