Monday, October 27, 2014

Who's More Pro-Free Markets: Vietnam or the United States?

If you took the last edition of the OLS Thursday Night Quiz (click here), you'd know the answer is Vietnam.  Well Glenn Reynolds knows it also; indeed, it's the subject of his latest USA Today column, from which this excerpt is taken:
But the Vietnamese view of capitalism is based on their experience, while the American view, sadly, may be based on our own. The Vietnamese have their recent experience with the lies and deprivation that always accompany communism to contrast with the growth and opportunity that a newly opened free market has provided. Many Americans, on the other hand, look at our free market and see that it's not all that free sometimes, and that a lot of what passes for capitalism is really what Jason Mattera calls Crapitalism, a politicized crony-capitalism in which insider connections and government subsidies and compulsion play a bigger role than they should.
The entire article is worth a read and can be found by clicking here.