Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Night!!

Please click the link embedded in the questions below to reveal the correct answer.

I..Which of the following puts out the most US greenhouse gas emissions in a given year?
a.   BP America
b.  Exxon Mobil
c.  Phillips 66
d.  Berkshire Hathaway
e.  US Government

II.  Gallup recently asked participants this question: "If you were taking a new job and had your choice of a boss, would you prefer to work for a man or for a woman?".  ______% of women said a man; _________ % of men said a man.
a.  39; 26
b.  26; 39
c.  44; 61
d.  61; 44
e.  33; 33

III.  On this day in 1938, this famous Hollywood Bad Boy orchestrated, and delivered, the infamous broadcast of "The War of the Worlds".  Who was he? [Hint: Rosebud].

IV.  Whose car was this? [Hints follow the photos]

Hints: 1) The car is a 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton; 2) he was Hollywood's first huge Western movie star; 3) he was a silent movie star, and 4) (admittedly obscure) he got John Wayne his first job in the movie industry