Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz NIght at OLS!

Click the links below to find the answers to each of the quiz questions.

I.  Economic scholars at Lafayette University recently reported findings indicating federal government regulations cost the US economy about $______________ every year.
a.  200 million
b.  2 billion
c.  20 billion
d.  200 billion
e.  2 trillion

II.  On this day in 1919, the World Series came to an end with the Cincinnati Reds winning game 8 and the series, 5 games to three, over the Chicago White Sox.  However, this World Series is better known for a reason other than the Reds victory.  What is that reason? [Hint: there are movies about this].

III.  According to a recent Rasmussen poll, __________% of American surveyed believe that Obama does not deserve his Nobel Peace Prize.
a.  18%
b.  26%
c.  40%
d.  55%
e.  69%

IV.  T/F Ebola can spread through the air.

[ht: instapundit; drudgereport]