Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Night at OLS!

As always, click the link embedded in each of the questions below to learn the answer.

I.   One hundred seventy eight years ago yesterday (October 22, 1836) ____________ was elected the first President of the Republic of Texas. Who was he? [The hint is you shouldn't need a hint].

II.  The other night I watched a 1982 sci-fi favorite of mine again and, as a result of a little research, learned that it was "the first feature film to contain a complete sequence created entirely with computer-generated graphics." What is this movie? [Hints: a) it was a major blockbuster; and b) it was Kirstie Alley's first feature film role]

III.  In a recent Pew Research project, subjects from 44 countries around the world were asked if they agree or disagree with this statement: "Most people are better off in a free market economy, even though some people are rich and some are poor".  70% of Americans surveyed agreed with this statement.  Only one of the follow countries reported a lower percentage agreement rate than the US figure.  Which country was it? [scroll down through the article almost to the end of the first page to find the graph on this question]
a.   Vietnam
b.   China
c.   Nigeria
d.  Germany
e.   Thailand

IV.  The Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project report looks at the news consumption habits of Americans.  The results of their most recent edition show that out of the 32 most popular sources of news media, ____________ were classified as liberal in their political orientation.
a.   7
b.  12
c.  16
d.  20
e.  25

[ht: instapundit; drudge]