Monday, October 13, 2014

The Republicans MIght Win, and What Happens if They Do?

Two related links here: first, an Irish prediction market organization shows wagering at a rate indicating an almost 70% likelihood of the Republicans gaining control of the Senate.  Economist Mark Perry has more:
Well, Intrade is gone, but we now have the Ireland-based Paddy Power betting website, and they offer bets on US political outcomes:
Paddy Power is the home of US politics betting. Whether you want to bet on the Presidential election or elections in the US Senate or House of Representatives, we have all the markets covered.
One of the political bets at Paddy Power is “Control of the US Senate,” and the current odds are being quoted as “1/3 for Republicans” and “2/1 for Democrats.” 
PJ Media's Roger L. Simon goes the next step and suggests the Republicans start thinking about what they'll do if they actually do win.  He raises the interesting point that things could get even uglier domestically given how poor a loser Obama and his acolytes are.  Here's a slice of this very interesting article:
When such cosseted people are forced to confront failure, they typically do not do so with grace.  They are rarely able to admit  fault, as if even a crack in their pristine facades could lead to extreme personality disintegration. We have already seen manifestations of this in Obama’s refusal to acknowledge something so obvious as his own inability to foresee the dangers of ISIS, aka the JV team.   Insider books by Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta have appeared in rapid succession, implying or directly alleging that the president lives in a bubble, unwilling to listen to advice. He frequently threatens to — and sometimes does — go around the Congress to get his way via, often unconstitutional, executive fiat.  We all know that he lies, constantly.
This man is angry but highly unlikely to go into an anger management program.  Imagine what will happen after November.  We could be looking at behavior that would fit the very definition of “acting out,” anti-social but on a global scale.  And he still has two more years in office.