Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Government Indoctrination

So you think that if it weren't for government schooling K-12, masses of Americans wouldn't have been educated during the 20th century? (Well, since you're reading OLS, you probably don't think that!).  Bunk.  And here's an excerpt from the most recent installment of FEE's magnificent series Cliches of Progressivism:
It’s time we embraced a new educational paradigm, one marked not so much by standardization and centralization, but by experimentation and innovation. Academic high-performers will gravitate to what ignites their minds. Non-academic students will discover activities that get them out of bed every day. Even the most disadvantaged children among us would benefit more from creative arrangements such as work-study, apprenticeships, and other alternative forms of education that allow them actually to participate in community.
The next time you hear someone say that the government schools are necessary for everyone to get an education, ask them how much longer we’ll have to wait.