Monday, October 27, 2014

Good On You, LEGO!

Since I was unaware, learning about this tiff between the LEGO corporation and Greenpeace was very interesting.  But what brought it to the level of an OLS post is the fact that LEGO, in response to a vile and corrupt attack by Greenpeace, has responded with -- and quoting from the Wattsupwiththat article linked to here -- an "up yours" in the form of an increase in support for its Arctic Circle oil drilling product line. From the WUWT post:
Eric Worrall writes: WUWT readers might recall a nasty but successful Greenpeace campaign a few months ago, which had Santa Claus drowning in oil, seen above, and pressured LEGO Corporation into not renewing its deal with Shell, by spoofing the LEGO “everything is awesome” advertising campaign. Now it appears LEGO is fighting back, with a big “up yours” to Greenpeace by pushing their Arctic exploration collectionwith an advertising campaign of their own.
You can see both Greenpeace's unethical broadside as well as a LEGO commercial promoting their Arctic Circle product line at the link above.  We certainly could do with a whole lot more companies standing up to the Enviro Alarmists in our country!